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Technological innovation, Design, Research & Development

Find out the distinctive elements that characterize the 3P Engineering cooking project

Technological innovation

Premix technology: 14 industrial invention patents to bring the future to the kitchen, including 6 patents for our customers.
76% HR of 3P Engineering are engineering graduates, 24% PhD, combining academic knowledge with the use of specific state of the art equipment.


Technological innovation inspires the most accurate aesthetic research, for an exclusive and refined result, without equal.
A new era of style for gas kitchens thanks to the new generation of advanced burners.

Research & Development

Design, CFD simulations, prototyping, testing laboratory.
With over ten years experience in the gas market, 3P Engineering is the reference partner for gas cooking projects and the development of gas cooktops of the next-generation.

Choose 3P Cooking

Patented technology: first gas burners with atmospheric or pressurized premix technology;
New Design: height of grids ≤20mm;
Digital native power control,
also in touch screen;
IoT Ready to interact with other household appliances and electronic devices;
Possibility of a single component for grid, cap
and gas-ring;
• A single burner for all the different flame zones, without any gap in the middle;
• Technology selected by the European Commission for innovative scope: Cosme-Project