An élite burner in the cooking world, Fireluft combines the top of technology - 8 registered patents - with the fan to be integrated by the manufacturer in the gas cooktop. The maximum power of air and fire is released in an ultra-modern design, which is characterized by refinement and halved height of the grids.

The vertical "bed of flames" without gaps in the center, offers the most complete range of gas levels in the same burner, from 300 W. The innovation of a blade of air from each burner prevents the diffusion of odors, vapors and pollutants, for the maximum attention to the Indoor Air Quality, IAQ. It is the right choice for kitchen style professionals.

Find out the groundbreaking for the new gas cooking

Fireluft is the new pressurized premix burner technology to reduce cooking time, the consumption of gas and the emission of pollutants, for the best Indoor Air Quality, IAQ. In the same burner, the rings of flame include all the different sizes, from the auxiliary to the semi-rapid and rapid, to the super rapid, to modulate cooking without ever changing the burner. Each fire welcomes pots of any diameter, to enjoy a cooktop with the best flexibility. Fireluft offers the advantage for manufacturers to create the gas cooktop freely for the number and the position of the burners, also using a user-friendly electronic interface with digital control of temperatures, cooking times and maximum precision powers.

Why Fireluft

Technological innovation

Best range of flame powers: 4 burners (special, quick, semi-rapid, auxiliary) in a single burner
Gas Record: 300 W minimum central flame
• Digital native control in touch screen
IoT Ready to be integrated with other appliances and electronic devices

IAQ Indoor Air Quality

Air blades from each burner to prevent the spread of fumes, vapors and pollutants
Ventilator to be integrated to the cooktop made by manufactures to confine the smells to the cooking area
-10% gas emissions and thermal radiation during food preparation, for better Indoor Air Quality, IAQ

Maximum power with pressurized premix burners

The best range of flame power levels in the same burner
Increase of efficiency: 10%
• -20% cooking time, energy saving +10% 

New aesthetic appeal

-50% height of grids compared to standard
Burner suitable for an electronic interface in touch screen

SIL 3, Safety Integrated Level: worldwide track record in the gas cooking market

Single safety valve for each burner in addiction to a general safety valve on the gas cooktop made by manufacturers
Automatic OFF, thanks to the cooking time setting


• A single product code for all the burners, to make simpler orders and faster warehouse management
Automation of the assembly process for a production process characterized by efficiency
Maximum freedom of customization for the gas cooktop manufacturer for the number and the position of burners  

Fireluft: E-FESTO, chosen by “Regione Marche”

Fireluft is a new technology for gas burners that was born from the project E-FESTO E-FESTO Extra-Flux stoichiomEtric gaS burner cookTOp POR MARCHE FESR 2014-2020 - Asse 1 - Call "Promotion of research and development in the areas of intelligent specialization" with participants : 3P engineering (leader), EST - NG s.r.l., IDEA, Meccano S.c.p.a., Officina Meccanica Toni Aldo, S.I.T. spa, System of Rosati s.r.l., UNIVPM.

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