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A revolutionary combustion technology - 8 registered patents - based on stoichiometric mixing at room pressure: Stekio creates a continuous surface of fire, that optimizes efficiency performances and cooking times. In a new dimension of luxury, Stekio is the first atmospheric burner with premix technology, from auxiliary to semi-rapid and rapid, on the same burner.

With the height of the grids reduced by 50% compared to the standard ones, Stekio revolutionizes the aesthetic concept of gas cooktops. It is the ideal choice for any kitchen environment that seek the utmost attention to design in the top-range range of the gas cooking market. 

Find out the deluxe "bed of flames"

Whether it is a mocha coffee machine or a wok pot, just one burner: maximum variability of diameter in the same gas cooker, with better flame range starting from 400 W.
A single burner to set the entire cooking cycle, managing the temperatures and the different gas levels, in the more precise way: the digital native control in touch screen gives further elegance to the cooktop. A must-have for a choice of technological innovation with exclusive design, Stekio offers maximum freedom of customization of the cooktop for the number and the position perfectly identical burners.

Why Stekio

Unique design

Distinctive aesthetic elegance: design by Politecnico di Milano, in the worldwide top-ten of academic industrial design 
Height of grids ≤ 20mm

Technological innovation

Best range of flame powers: 3 burners (rapid, semi-rapid, auxiliary) in a single burner
Central minimum flame 400 W (i.e. mocha coffee machine)
Digital native control in touch screen
IoT Ready to be integrated with other appliances and electronic devices

Pre-mixed burners with higher efficiency

• Gas saving: 20%
• Energy saving: 10%
• Increase of efficiency: 10%

SIL 3, Safety Integrated Level: worldwide track record in the gas cooking market

Single safety valve for each burner in addiction to a general safety valve on the manufacturer’s gas cooktop
Automatic OFF thanks to the cooking time setting

The lowest grid

• -50% height of grids compared to traditional ones, for an aesthetic design like no other
• -33% distance between pot and burner, to reduce cooking time

Average directivity of vertical flames

-10% gas emissions and thermal radiation during cooking
-20% cooking time, for energy saving

The simplest cleaning

• Burner dishwasher safe and with any kind of detergent
• Possibility of just one component (for grid, cap and gas ring) to achieve an elegant burner with maximum practicality


• A single product code for all the burners, for simpler orders and faster warehouse management
Automation of the assembly process for a production process characterized by efficiency
Maximum freedom of customization for the gas cooktop manufacturer for the number and position of burners 


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