The new technology based on stoichiometric-atmospheric mixing and "bed of flames", is in motion. A distinctive "squircle" design characterizes every element of the cooktop. With a flexible configuration - 2, 3 or 4 burners - it is the perfect solution for the narrower environments typical of campers, caravans and yachts, with a gain of space in a unique style.

The maximum choice of power levels for each burner from the auxiliary, to the semi-rapid to the rapid, allows to reduce the number of the burners, even with the best range of flame. The resealable lid of the top allows you to gain additional space in kitchen environment characterized by practicality on the road.

Chosen by the European Commission

Specifically designed for tourism in motion, Burnerway is a new technology for gas cooktops that was born from the "M-Stekio" project designed by 3P Engineering. Selected for the COSME Programme by the European Commission for its disruptive scope, M-Stekio brings the most innovative technology for the gas cooking market, in campers, caravans and yachts. From the combination of technological innovation, practicality and refinement of style, Burnerway was born. With its design signed by the “Politecnico di Milano” ⎼ in the worldwide top-ten of academic industrial design ⎼ Burnerway makes unique even the most refined kitchen environments.

Why Burnerway

Energy autonomy on the road

• Gas savings: 20%
Energy saving: 10%
Increase of efficiency: 10% 

Safety Integrity Level Gas Record: SIL 3, worldwide track record in the gas cooking market

 Single safety valve for each burner & general safety valve on the whole cooktop, for maximum relax on the road
Automatic OFF, thanks to the cooking time setting for the best safety of the camper, caravan, yacht cabin

Technological innovation

Best range of flame powers: 3 burners (rapid, semi-rapid, auxiliary) in one burner
Central minimum flame 400 W (i.e. mocha coffee machine)
IoT Ready to interact with other appliances and electronic devices

Design: uniqueness and innovation

• Design by “Politecnico di Milano”: the "squircle" style to characterize the kitchen environments of campers, caravans, yachts
Height of grids ≤ 20mm from the most distinctive shape
• Available configurations: 2, 3, 4 burners 

Average directivity of vertical flames

-10% gas emissions and thermal radiation during cooking, for a better wholesomeness of the internal air of campers, caravans, yachts
- 20% cooking time, for strategic energy savings while travelling

Faster cleaning

Dishwasher-safe and with any kind of detergent for maximum convenience on the road
Continuous and smooth surface without holes and recessed reliefs for easier cleaning in motion 

The lowest grid

-50% of the height, compared to traditional grids, for a distinctive aesthetic design also for the "squircle" shape
-33% distance between the pot and the burner, to save cooking time and not waste leisure time on the road 


100% elimination of critical elements during the production process
i.e enamelling of caps and burners on fire
-5% of iron for the construction of the burner
-10% of energy consumption
-20% gas emissions during cooking

Unique burner

• A single product code for all burners, for simpler orders and faster warehouse management
Automation of the assembly process for a production process characterized by efficiency
•  • Maximum freedom of customization of the number and position of the burners



Burnerway on Moteur Boat

The French monthly Moteur Boat (Des Editions LARIVIERE),a leading magazine for the nautical sector and motor boats, has dedicated an article to Burnerway on the February edition, 2019: "Une flamme révolutionnaire". In evidence, the sober elegance of the Squircle style cooktop, able to accommodate any kind of pots, from moka up to wok, on the same stove: it offers maximum choice of power levels for each burner, from the auxiliary, to the semi-rapid up to the rapid. Another advantage of Burnerway underlined in the article, is the easiest cleaning thanks to the smooth and continuous surface, without corners and hidden edges. Last but not least, the control of the cooktop, manual with knobs for a vintage style in the Squircle version or digital touch screen in the Burnerway Black cooktop.

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3P Cooking: the President of the “Regione Marche” in 3P Engineering

The Cooking project has been presented on February 15, 2019 to the President of the “Regione Marche” Luca Ceriscioli, who visited 3P Engineering, among the companies that represent the capacity for initiative and innovation that distinguish the region. Protagonists of the institutional visit, E-FESTO (Extra-Flux stoichiomEtric gaS burner cookTOp, POR MARCHE FESR) from which Fireluft, was born, an elite product in the cooking market with an integrated fan and a blade of air from each burner, to prevent the spread of odors, vapors and pollutants, and M-Stekio, chosen by the European Commission for its innovative scope (COSME Programme, GA n. 733513), thanks to which Burnerway was launched as a revolutionary gas cooktop developed in a range of configurations for campers, caravans and yacht.

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Corriere della sera Innovazione: here is the cooktop of the future

Reducing energy and environmental waste, design, and digital control by touch screen are the main key factors highlighted in the article that the Italian newspaper "Corriere Innovazione", has dedicated to Burnerway developed by 3P Engineering. With an innovative burner based on 8 industrial invention patents and over ten years experience of 3P Engineering in gas technology, Burnerway was born thanks to the M-Stekio project, chosen by the European Commission for its innovative scope (COSME Programme, GA n.733513). Several configurations of Burnerway are possible, whose modern aesthetic design has been realized in collaboration with professors of “Politecnico di Milano”

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M-Stekio / Burnerway: final event

Success for the final event of the M-Stekio project (January 1, 2017 - December 31, 2018), chosen by the European Commission for the COSME Programme (GA No. 733513) for innovative scope. From the development of technology up to the final aesthetic design, realized in collaboration with the “Politecnico di Milano”, the several steps of the project has been recalled during the final event, up to the launch of Burnerway, the new burner and cooktop , with a range of configurations for the number of burners (from 2 up to 6) and style (Squircle and Black). M-Stekio / Burnerway has been presented in several events and exhibitions, arousing constant interest as an technological innovation enhanced by design, with the halved height of the grids compared to standard cooktops, and the native digital control in touch screen.

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M-Stekio: the new generation of cooktops on Caravan and Camper

A new article has been dedicated to Burnerway on the monthly magazine “Caravan Camper Granturismo” (MAG Editori), a reference point for outdoor tourism. The "squircle" design of the new Burnerway cooktop developed by 3P Engineering, is highlighted in the article: it can be realized with two, three or four burners, and is also characterized by the "squircle" grids, whose height is halved in comparison with the standards in the gas cooktop market. The “squircle” style is the perfect solution for recreational vehicles thanks to the re-sealable lid that allows you to gain space even in smaller kitchens, thanks to the perfect alignment with the countertop of the kitchen. Eight patents characterizes the Burnerway technology that was born from the M-Stekio project, selected in the COSME Programme (GA n.733513) for its innovative scope

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"Technology and Innovation 2018" Award for 3P Engineering

3P Engineering has won the award “Tecnologia e Innovazione 2018” by “Giovani Imprenditori Confindustria Marche” as an innovative company that stands out for its research and industrial invention talent, with 31 patents registered in different markets (21 for its customers). Among the most innovative 3P Engineering projects and reason of the award received by “Giovani Imprenditori Confindustria Marche”, the M-Stekio technology. Based on 8 industrial invention patents, M-Stekio has been selected by the European Commission (GA n. 733513) in the Cosme Programme. From the innovative M-Stekio technology, Burnerway was born, as part of the 3P cooking project, that realize the technological and aesthetic progress.

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Enjoy the new Burnerway video!

What differentiates Burnerway from all the other gas cooktops? The most advanced technology and a distinctive design able to make every kitchen unique, thanks to the versatility and flexibility of configurations: it is possible to choose number and position of the burners in the cooktop. Find out all the innovative features of Burnerway in the new online video: elegant and touch-screen in the "black" version or practical and characteristic in the "squircle" style, to gain space thanks to the resealable lid, to get a continuous countertop. A cutting-edge technology to evolve the aesthetics of the cooktop too, halving the height of the grids and enclosing in a "bed of flames" all the different power levels, from 400 W up to 3 kW.

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Successful Burnerway at Metstrade

Burnerway, the new cooktop that 3P Engineering has developed using a revolutionary technology, has been successfully announced at Metstrade 2018, Amsterdam 13-15 November. Using an interactive station, people has enjoyed the opportunity to test live the innovation of the new cooktop, characterized by a made in Italy style. The different flexible configurations of Burnerway offer the possibility to choose between the squircle shape, with 2, 3 and 4 burners, and the cooktop with 4, 5 or 6 circular burners, the first one in the market with a touch screen digital control. Burnerway was born from the European project M-Stekio, chosen by the European Commission for innovative scope in (Programma COSME, GA n. 733513):
Find out more Burnerway on show at Metstrade.

Hiswa Symposium, 12-13th November 2018, Amsterdam

3P Engineering has participated at the "25th International Hiswa Sysmposium on Yacht Design and Yacht Construction" on November 12-13th, at Rai Amsterdam, in the Netherlands. An event with a strong technological content to highlight the latest developments in the field of yachting and yacht design. A B2B event where industry experts compare and update, as Mr Rosalino Usci, engineer and Ph.D, Technical & Design Manager of the European project M-Stekio (Programma COSME, GA n. 733513): thanks to 8 industrial invention patents gave birth to Burnerway was born from M-Stekio, an innovative gas cooktop for the nautical market, with the "squircle" version, designed for boats and small yachts, and the "black" proposal suitable, also to finest superyachts with its elegance. br>
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Burnerway at Metstrade, Amsterdam, 13-15 November 2018 

The European M-Stekio project will be presented for the first time internationally at Metstrade, the most important B2B event dedicated to the marine industry that takes place in Amsterdam, Holland, 13rd- 15th November 2018. M-Stekio, whose market brand is Burnerway, will be presented at booth 7.248 where 3P Engineering is launching its new cooking technology from the European project, selected for the Programma Cosme - GA. 733513 per la sua portata dirompente. Destinato a rivoluzionare l'ambiente cucina per l'alto valore innovativo - 8 brevetti depositati da 3P Engineering - Burnerway si distingue anche per il concept estetico, sviluppato in collaborazione con il Politecnico di Milano, nella top ten mondiale a livello accademico per il design industriale.
Contact us for a meeting at Metstrade

PleinAir: Burnerway, a true revolution of living and traveling

The famous Italian magazine PleinAir, a point of reference for campers and fans of free tourism, has dedicated a new article to Burnerway, highlighting how efficiency and versatility are among the innovative features of the gas burner. Burnerway was born from the M-Stekio project of 3P Enegineering and selected by the European Commission (Programma COSME, GA n. 733513). "The figures are clear: eight patents and a world-class aesthetic developed in collaboration with Politecnico di Milano show a promising future for Burnerway", says the article, which points out how the new technology is completely made in Italy, developed by 3P Engineering, one of the most innovative engineering Italian companies.

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“Tools for Interaction Design”: Burnerway at Politecnico di Milano

Burnerway has been presented on October 30th at “Politecnico di Milano”, at the academic course "Theories and Tools for Interaction Design ", by Prof. Venere Ferraro, of the master's degree “Digital and Interaction Design". The focus of the course is to provide tools and methods to design "smart" products and systems: in this context, Burnerway has been presented as an innovative technological solution considering its digital aspects - it is the first gas cooking top with digital native control – as well as the user experience that Burnerway design is able to enhance. Two configurations -also in mockup- have been shown in the presentation: the gas cooktop with "squircle" burner for a vintage style and the elegant "black" hob with the height of the grids reduced by 50% compared to market standards. Burnerway was born from the M-Stekio project, selected by the European Commission for its innovative scope (Programma COSME, GA n. 733513).

M-Stekio / Burnerway: the first gas cooktop with digital control and the Raspberry technology

The M-Stekio project has been presented as a successful application of the Raspberry technology at “Raspberry PI, dalla prototipazione all’industrializzazione”, the event organized by Farnell, on 25th October in Fermo, at the Miti - Museum of Innovation and Industrial Technology: M-Stekio is the first cooktop in the gas market with
digital native control for managing the Human Machine Interface - HMI.
Selected by the European Commission for its innovative scope (Programma Cosme, GA n. 733513), M-Stekio revolutionizes the gas cooktop market : configurable with both traditional knobs and touch screen, M-Stekio, allows you to fine-tune cooking modes and times with the utmost precision.

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To patent an industrial innovation: M-Stekio / Bunerway presented at the “Politecnico di Milano”

The M-Stekio project has been presented on 18th October, on the day dedicated to the protection of intellectual property, in the course “Design & Engineering” Master's Degree at the Politecnico di Milano. Developed by 3P Engineering and chosen by the European Commission for innovative scope (Programma COSME, GA n. 733513). M-Stekio stands out for eight patents of industrial invention that represent a revolutionary technology for gas cooktops. The aesthetic concept of M-Stekio has been developed in collaboration with Politecnico di Milano, in the top-ten of academic industrial design. 3P Engineering has presented the M-Stekio project with Marbre, an Italian company specialized in industrial and intellectual property. 

M-Stekio/Burnerway: “Burning idea”

A new article dedicated to M-Stekio published in the magazine “Nautech, Yacht, Superyacht, Technologies and Design”, that highlight one of the concept design of the cooktop that 3P Engineering has developed in collaboration with the “Politecnico di Milano”, in the worldwide top ten universities for industrial design. Selected by the European Commission for its disruptive impact (Programma COSME, GA n. 733513), the European project M-Stekio has allowed to create Burnerway, whose technology is based on 8 industrial invention patents by 3P Engineering. Burnerway will be presented internationally at Metstrade, Amsterdam, November 13-15, booth 7.248. Contact us us for more information or to make an appointment at Metstrade.

M-Stekio “Final Workshop”: a new success for the technologic innovation by 3P Engineering 

Innovative, practical and modular: these are the most voted adjectives to describe M-Stekio, as emerged at the final workshop of the European project, successfully presented by 3P Engineering, to industrial designers, architects and business partners. As a revolutionary technology for gas cooktops M-Stekio has been chosen by the European Commission for its innovative scope (Programma Cosme, GA n. 733513): it stands out for its 8 patents of industrial invention. The technologic innovation is enhanced by the design developed in collaboration with Professors of Politecnico di Milano that have presented the aesthetic concept and the final mockups of the cooktops. M-Stekio, whose market name is Burnerway, has received a final judgment between excellent and very good for its revolutionary characteristics.

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The future of gas hob? The M-Stekio/Burnerway

The magazine IBI, International Boat Industry, has dedicated an article to M-Stekio, a project designed by 3P Engineering, in the “Galley Design & Equipment”, reportage that highlight the new trends that characterize the kitchen onboard. Supported by the European Commission for its innovative scope (Programma Cosme - GA. 733513), M-Stekio is a revolutionary technology - 8 registered patents by 3P Engineering - enclosed in a new gas cooktop, whose market name is “Burnerway”.The aesthetic design is developed in collaboration with Politecnico di Milano: it is characterized by the height of the grids reduced by 50% compared to the standard cooktops. M-Stekio / Burnerway represents the future of gas cooktops, as in the headline of the IBI article.

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M-Stekio “Workshop Design”: 3P Engineering has presented Burnerway

Workshop focused on new design trends and the "zero waste mission": 3P Engineering and the Italian creactivity hub Ultradesign have organized a working day dedicated to creativity and styling, involving a selected team of designers. At the event, 3P Engineering has introduced the aesthetic design of the European project M-Stekio, As an innovative technology for gas cooktops of camper, caravan, yachts, M-Stekio allows to save 20% cooking time and 10% gas emission. M-Stekio, whose market name is “Burnerway”, has received funding from the European Union’s COSME Programme GA. 733513, thanks to its innovative scope.

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Exhibition and events


Salone del CamperParma, Italy08-16
Salone NauticoGenova, Italy20-25
Le Salon des Véhicules de LoisirsParis, France29 September -7
Salon NauticoBarcelona, Spain10-14
Caravaning Salon InternacionalBarcelona, Spain12-21
Hiswa Symposium Amsterdam, Netherlands12-13
Metstrade, booth 7.248Amsterdam, Netherlands13-15


Salone del CamperParma, Italy09-17
International Boat ShowGenova, Italy21-26

Press Coverage

Moteur Boat,

Corriere della Sera Innovazione,


Caravan Camper,


Cucine d'italia,
il magazine dell'eccellenza italiana







Nautica Report,

Vivere Jesi,

il Resto del Carlino,

Corriere Adriatico,


IBI International Boat Industry,

HA - Parts & Components,


Corriere Adriatico,

European Union Financing

The project M-Stekio has been awarded of a EU grant for the CALL COS-2015-DESIGN-2, design-based consumer goods.. 

M-Stekio is one of the 10 successful design based consumer goods 

(involving 27 participating Smes all around Europe.).





STARTING DATE: 01/01/2017


END DATE: 31/12/2018



“Mobile STEKIO - Extreme efficiency digital gas cooktop for campers, caravans and yachts" which has received funding from the European Union's COSME Programme (2014-2020) -GA n. 733513”

This communication is part of the project "Mobile STEKIO - Extreme efficiency digital gas cooktop for campers, caravans and yachts" which has received funding from the European Union's COSME Programme (2014-2020). The content of this communication represents the views of the author only and is his/her sole responsibility; it cannot be considered to reflect the views of the European Commission and/or the Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises or any other body of the European Union. The European Commission and the Agency do not accept any responsibility for use that may be made of the information it contains.”

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